Tuesday, 29 September 2009


We attended the very interesting and informative breakfast presentation by Herald commentator Fran O'Sullivan at D4 this morning on the accidental empire of political blogging.

It was hosted by Rural Women NZ ( the old WDFF)
There were political people, PR people, leftie wankers who think that while maybe there is no such thing as a free lunch they were entitled to a free breakfast. We wondered if the trougher was related to the little labourites who stole the piss from a parliamentary party a year or so ago..

Anyway it was fun.. But the best idea Fran had was to turn NZ on Air into NZ on Media. As she rightly points out why should NZ on air just fund TV and Radio. She argued it was time that the fund was opened up and made contestable for all mediums including print and online media.. We think its a very compelling argument.....


Poneke said...

That is just complete self-interest, seeking public troughing for other comercial media besides the already gorging comercial broadcast media.

NZ On Air should be abolished, full stop. Commercial media should pay its own way, not get massive taxpayer subsidies.

And I have argued this for years.

Sus said...

So have we, Poneke.

Perigo has called them NaZis On Air for years.