Thursday, 3 September 2009


To the Tamariki of Te Kura Tuatahi O Otaki.

We am writing to you on behalf of all the good New Zealanders we know, who are dismayed and ashamed at Michael Laws response to your letter expressing concern about his position over the spelling of Whanganui.

Now, the issue for us is not about the spelling of the town, there are vigorous arguments on both sides.

No, we are ashamed that Laws has chosen to attack you rather than seeking to inform you of the reasons for his position. He has acted not like a Mayor but a petulant child.

We are so proud of you. Proud, that as young men and women you have the passion and the courage, the intellect and the skills to write to Mr Laws telling him how you feel in te Reo Māori.

We know that it is that sort of passion and the courage to stand up and say what you think is wrong that will make you leaders of tomorrow.

We know that you will be feeling angry at Mr Laws, but don’t.

You will meet many people like him in the course of your lives. They seek high office because they are fundamentally narcissistic. (There’s a word that is worthy of some study).

He cares not for people but just the sound and impact of his words. It is where he draws his strength and his income. He is like a shallow dirty little puddle.

You, however are the deep rivers of thought and power that will change our nation.

You are not and will never be like him. You are speaking from the heart. You have thought the issue through with your sharp young minds and wrote your feelings and argument well.

Stand tall and be proud, always question, never be afraid of the barbs of the sad and fatuous little men like Michael Laws. He is to be pitied. He is a failed politician of the past.

You are our future.


Marty Mars said...

perfect BB - well done!

Boganette said...

That is truly awesome *applause*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great post. Bravo.

KG said...

Rubbish--you can apologise all you like, but the phrase "on behalf of all good New Zealanders" is just bloody offensive.
A hell of a lot of good New Zelanders agree wholeheartedly with Laws and aren't taken in by this peurile piece of Maori separatist propaganda.

Whetu Chini said...

Nice work BB.