Monday, 28 September 2009


We make no secret of the fact that we think John Key is a good bugger but we were delighted to see him with his wife Bronagh on the front cover of the NZ edition of the Australian Womens Weekly.

They look like a great couple, normal and natural. And Bronagh shares a love and understanding of fashion as does Michelle Obama. And like all girly girls we love fashion. Most girls like to dress up.

If there is one position in society that has taken a back seat over the last decade or so its that of a wife and mother. We think that Bronagh will restore some Mana to that very very important job.

Update : the Hong Kong Harridan has had a poke at the polo shirt wearing Max Key. Well we would just like to say that we like polo shirts. The Son and heir to the Bustedblonde mortgage is a lover of polos.and he is very very cool. And polos are worn by most of the successful young(ish) men we know.

Cactus obviously spends far too much time with bloody old men who wear singlets under their bespoke shirts,or gay man bags, and not enough time with blokes her own age or even better - younger than her.


Redbaiter said...

Shit. Bronagh on the cover of the Woman's Weakly, and Johnny hanging out with that buck toothed liberal Letterman. That's what ya call makin it.

Cactus Kate said...

He won't pick up Obama's girls in a polo BB.

Max is the first son.

When on official visits and functions he needs to be dressed by Armani. Or at the very least a good suit tailor.


Why the hell would Max Key want Obama's girls?
Why should the son of good National stock want to socialise with the offspring of socialists!
There again, I cannot think of any other PMs or presidents with kids for the young tyke.
Maybe Max should go for a more trans-Tasman surfer dude look!
I must say Key's daughter Stef is a really great dresser and so she should being a fashion designer.
Maybe Stef can desingn stuff for her bro.

kehua said...

Can`t wait to see an older Max wearing a `Jackyhow` complete with chesthair growing through it. Real Kiwi bloke style.