Wednesday, 9 September 2009


You have to worry about Nick Smith. He is the out of tune green soloist in a band of blue.

So it is with alarm that we we read the Wall Street Journal and see that they are taking the piss out of NZ because we are shaping up to take a hit on our livings standards to " look good" in a green way in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Its a very succinct and hard hitting article that will reach the eyes of most of the key influencers of the world.

Stuff pandering to the green climate change extremists . This Government has more support than any other administration has had for bloody years. So it is in that political climate that you would think that Keys boys would be prepared to make some of the tougher decisions.

So its time to drop your balls boys. Concentrate on making this country the economic powerhouse it could be, indeed should be, but reducing our living standards as a sacrfice to the green idols aint the way to do it.


Berry said...

You sometimes talk nonsense, but this hits the nail on the head!

Marty Mars said...

Money money money what a sad god to worship

Anonymous said...

Marty Mars

Be poor be poor be poor - for no gain to the environment.

What an idiotic position to hold


As I have noted at my place, it's economic self-flagellation in the name of the green religion.
It won't do anyone any good, least of all the environment.
Indeed, the WSJ already notes the prospect of ETS has already wreaked havoc in our forestry sector.

Marty Mars said...

You are right anon you do hold an idiotic position but i don't judge you for it.

if you look after the environment the money will come. You can't make money without resources or an environment to work in. You know like water to drink, food to eat and fresh air to breathe...

Alan said...

We have just come through the coldest winter since 1976 bar
August which was warmer. The forecasters are predicting a cool summer and even colder winter next
year. The earth has cooled every year since 1998 yet the global warming/climate change idiots keep
trying to shove their religion
down our throats - what bullshit.

Lucy said...

NZ was known as "Moonbat central" (little green footballs blog) under Clark & Labour. Looks like we will keep that title under Key & National.


Alan said...

Lucy is right on the money, under
National, we seem, with a couple of
exceptions to be following 'Nanny'
Labour and their wacko policies. A little tinkering by National with
little change. A bit of a travesty