Monday, 28 September 2009


We have been having a crap day. Age is a bitch that rides in on a menopausal wave and knocks you flat on your soft spreading saggy arse.

The day started badly. The weather was crap.
It did get better this afternoon though.

Now we always said that Bill English is an honourable man
and we were delighted but not surprised to see he is paying all his allowance back. It was legally his but he was having difficulty climbing the moral high ground. So three cheers for the boy from Dipton. He might spend a fair bit of time in Wellington but his proud bones , like ours, are from the deep south and down there honour is everything.

When we heard that news - we cracked a smile.

However the day ended on a bad note. We have pleaded in the past for Consumer Magazine or Fair Go to examine the woeful state of the Bra industry. Simply the bra wires do not last like they used to. Today our lefty wire snapped as we were getting into a taxi ( we paid for it not the tax payer).

Went off like a .22 rifle. And it poked a hole in our booby. Ouch...

So we want Bra wires to meet certain standards. We want bra manufacturers to be forced to use wire for Bra's that are tested to meet certain bounce tests.
Pleeease ...
Menopause, which means being constantly at the mercy of the 7 menopause dwarfs is bad enough without having to put up with faulty engineering.

So today was mainly crap and then we got home to find we had oversold 20kgs of whitebait and have none left for us.... sob....


Anonymous said...

Is a great resource for women coping with menopause

Anonymous said... is handy for bra selection - apparently size and shapes change over time

Anonymous said...

For goodness' sake, go to your GP and get some Estrofem 2mg. Don't believe those crappy feminazis who say it's bad for you. I've been on it for ten years now and it's great. Do some research about it, at the very least. You shouldn't have to put up with this. Women used to die at the age of 55, that's why they didn't go through menopause. It's bullshit that we have to suffer it.

homepaddock said...

Washing by hand or, if using a machine, in a lingerie bag, and not using a dryer helps prolong the life of underwire.