Monday, 2 November 2009


It has been bought to out attention that there is a new cult emerging to rival that of Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki.

It is the Church of Jones- and the Bishop is Bob.

If your name is Deborah and you write columns for a living then its a fact that you will become his lay preacheresses - sent out to spread the gospel of Bob.

Deborah Hill Cone has shown the strength of her faith here and here as well

Deborah Coddington devotes an entire " feature" on the Church of Jones here
in what must be the ultimate show of her faith to the Church of Jones.

To them the word is Bob, Bob is Good, Bob is Great, - Glory be to the Bob.


CW said...

In the immortal words of Blackadder: "I like you Bob. You've got balls."

But, the question was never answered! What does one do, if one has feelings for ones man servant.

sagenz said...

ooh! Meeoowww!