Friday, 6 November 2009


So which three young likely lads working in the Beehive are known as the " Boy Band?"

- Be forewarned
- church big wig
- Rolling stone

Apparently all are popular with women. does this mean right wing politics is the new black?

Does any women actually shave their legs with the Gillette Vibrating Venus razor?

What does Tracy Watkins have against Minister for Agriculture David Carter to say, in a recent ranking article on Ministers performance, that he deserved a 3/10 when he is well liked and respected by the agriculture sector and that his caucus collegues are very impressed by how he manages his portfolio? And where did she ever get the idea that Key would give him the biff in any future cabinet reshuffle?

So what does Colin Espiner do now that Tracy Watkins was picked for the Fairfax political hub top job?

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pdm said...

Perhaps there are other `more delicate' parts of the anatomy that the vibrating razor is used on.

Killing two birds with one razor for want of a better phrase!!