Tuesday, 17 November 2009


We have been advised that Wellington's resident curmudgeon is about to turn 70 soon.

Apparently someone near and dear to him decided to commission a book about his life to celebrate this most auspicious milestone. Well known luminaries around the traps were given a chapter each to pen.

Ink has flowed, blood from frantic fingers has dripped on steamy passages of hitherto unknown tit bits about Bob's life.

However, it seems that those who worship at the Church of Jones are to be disappointed. The man himself doesn't want the book to see the light of day..

That may be his wish but we know a few chapters of the Book That Must Not Be Printed still exist. Hidden from view, pages are fluttering in anticipation of being read by the masses.
Will all be revealed...?

God knows...

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Rob Hosking said...

Nice Medieval touch.