Monday, 9 November 2009


We are in Hamilton on our way back to Wellington and Koru has a nice little lounge for us frequent travellers. It has a nice view of the runway for plane spotters, a wee cubby for TV addicts and a couple of computers. Its used to have a table where you could plug your computer in and get wireless. It seems they have removed the power cords.. Duh. Power is good. If you have been in meetings all day it is useful to know you can power up.

As this is a "unmanned" lounge we cant ask why. Seems bloody silly to us.

And Hamilton is still charging a $5 departure fee. Its more of a bloody pain than anything and its such a flimsy piece of paper.. why couldnt they get a stamp machine that you feed in your boarding pass and get it stamped instead?

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Anonymous said...

Should be called Koru shoebox.
Try parking your car there it's $20a day and i've lost count of the number of dents it's had. Airport management couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery let alone run an airport...