Friday, 6 November 2009


There has been a pretty disgusting turn of events in the Hone " Tiki Tour " Harawira .

Its time he showed some humility and shame for what he has done. It was never a racist issue. He is trougher - and apparently he can be a stranger to the truth as well. The fact he is Maori was inconsequential to how the Paris jaunt was viewed by the public and the media.

It was because as a MP he is a servant of the people. We pay him to do a job and shareholders of a country would be pretty pissed off if the CEO was indulged in some personal pleasure rather than company business.
And we think that the emails from Buddy Mikaere should have been a warning to Harawira. Buddy is a highly respected good bastard. ( they come in brown and white) Unlike Harawira who is fast becoming an arrogant troughing dickhead.
And Hone was on company business for New Zealand Inc. Plain and simple.


Cactus Kate said...

Buddy's no angel BB. His words back to Hone:

"... you're no better than that w***er Rodney Hide and the white mofos you complain about,"

What is a white mofos?

Not exactly language of someone well respected. More like Buddy's pissed off that he's not on Hone's gravy-train and has to stick to his of grinding fees from resource consent processes.

If this was leaked to Radio NZ then chances are neither Buddy or Hone did it, meaning it was a group email and others were involved as well.

Agh...good old Maori politics. And they wonder why they can't get ahead?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Katey Prickles is guessing again on Maori stuff. How many strikes do you expect to get before you're back in the dugout.

Interesting juxtoposition on the use of language and one being respected.

How do you square that away with your fawning praise of Rodney Hide and Bob Jones - who are both well known for, at times, being arrogant, uncooth and intemperate.

curious inded.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about Buddy, we all know Hone say's things before he thinks and he spits the dummy when he thinks he's being attacked, but why Buddy didn't take this up with the Maori Party First makes me wonder about this Maori!.
On another note the only thing missing from Micheal Laws is his swastika, he's an absolute D....Head!.