Thursday, 26 November 2009


While we sort of get why Sean Plunket didn't win his case about being untreated fairly re his employment dispute with RNZ on a purist point, we are wondering why Commie Radio is so hell bent on denying their star the right to freedom of speech. Now we get it that Plunkets contract does indeed mean the RNZ essentially owns him by denying him the right to an opinion. However this last wee debacle should have the Minister of Broadcasting twitching his eyebrows.
The gig that Plunket is guesting at is a minor affair in the scheme of things... So we want to know does this mean that the big guy shouldn't have a face book page or indeed offer his opinion at any lunch either..

Its time RNZ realised that they may have a legal case but the moral case is making them a laughing stock.

No-one really listens to RNZ for anything other than Plunket. Love him or hate him , he is the only reason people tune in.

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Cactus Kate said...

And Plunket is hot. Leave him alone.