Tuesday, 24 November 2009


We are still pondering the ETS deal. Never ever before have we seen right wing commentators to a man and woman be so universal in their critical condemnation of a political decision.

And that criticism also extends to the venal play by Ngai Tahu which has seen them " secure" the planting rights to about 30,000ha of unused DOC land in the South Island to plant native forests.. They can claim the carbon credits for what they plant but they have to manage the forests and they have to plant them as well. We reckon analysis further down the track will show its the most crap deal any iwi has ever signed up to.

And a good Maori mate reckons the fellas who are taking the free trip to the Climate Change talks in Copenhagen as part of the Maori Party deal look like - quote, " house niggers"

Tough term but apt.

We wonder if ace guitarist and songster Tim Groser has been practicing Ten Guitars for the trip with the bro's. Or maybe he will get everyone singing " Hot Stuff"
Or maybe Burning down the house.

We think that Nick Smith is actually the fall guy in all this. We reckon there will be a big dip in the polls as the public comes to grips with the ETS and its ramifications.
Smith is Keys sacrificial lamb. He gets the shit job of shoving through all the unpopular legislation like climate change and ACC and then we reckon that Key will cut him lose and demote him as a succour to an angry public. The result - a bounce back in the polls.

Did we say that? Nah must have been a flight of fancy -too much red wine. Key is way too nice to do that to Smith- isn't he?

We not to sure if we want to laugh or cry....


Sally said...

It was Tim Goser who said

"If politics go bad, everything goes bad."

Where does he stand on this shocking abuse of democracy?

Brent said...

My blog says - A Noddy Deal"

The white man gets to pass some legislation which will probably not control one of the drivers which is likely not responsible for even 50% of a certain non event all at vast cost to consumers and taxpayers.

Some iwi (too bad if you are say Tainui with a big exposure to farming) get to increase their already bloated exposure to the primary sector by planting and managing yet more trees on which they struggle to make a risk adjusted return.

Oh and a trip to Denmark where they can see bulk – er cows.