Sunday, 22 November 2009


We have being doing the toil in the soil thing all weekend, feeling the earth mother within.. Gaia unbound.

So it was with dismay that we read a disturbing post over at Gotcha by Whale Oil.
on the train back to Wellington.

He reckons that the Iwi leaders forum, and the Maori party have demanded, as part of the ETS deal - that their leaders and kaumatua get an all expenses trip to Copenhagen to attend the climate change talks. And apparently Nick Smith is okay with it.
Why? we ask. What value is added? What will it achieve? Why will the taxpayers have to fork out for the cost?

If they( the Maori support group) believe in Climate change isnt it a bit rich to burn up so much carbon to get to a conference just , well just because you have a big swinging dick and want to look important?

And isn't it utterly bilious when Key is asking for prudent spending from everyone?


Anonymous said...

I was indulgent enough to think Key would be better than the Clark/Cullen regime, but now his support of ETS has been a killer of faith.

Anonymous said...

I smell a carbon farting kiore.

All this fluff over the last few days about holding the Government to ransom, corruption, greedy Maoris..... Brownmail even. Oh please.

But, when the Flecthers, Carters, Todds, Brierley's, Stan Rogers have quietly (maybe that's the operative word here) influenced Government policy, what was that? Business Post!

Or the unions, the smoking lobby, the social justice campaigners with the last Government, what's that? Pinko mail!

So, Win of the week goes to Whale -best supporting drama alarmer to Katey Prickles - for trying to sink the ETS by making it all the horis fault; with guessing, half arsed innuendo, and some juicey conspiracy. Talk about tell the beying crowd what they wanted to hear.

Subtle. Skillz guyz.


kehua said...

I agree his ETS may have the same result as his predessessor`s EFA.