Sunday, 29 November 2009


In a curious way we find ourselves deeply entertained by Cactus's nomination for the Madame Cliqout business woman of the year.

We spent most of yesterday with the previous winner Julie Christie, who was out flatmate and classmate of the 1979 Wellington Polytechnic Journalism Course. She was New
inaugural winner of the award and she surely deserved it.

However our bright flower of youth has surely wilted, as last night some of our class, who had not seen each other for 30 years, mistook the glamourous Julie for me. Ahh those wasted wanton nights of the past have taken their toll on Busted Blondes fair countenance. Where as hard work, and its rewards now shine from Julies. Dam it. And today Christie herself is in the news.

It is a prestigious award

Anyway, we are delighted that Cactus nominated Lisa Lewis for the award. We have always been fans of legalised prostitution. It provides a safety valve in society.

And Lewis has glamourised the profession and has willingly promoted herself and her work earning top dollar for her services as well. She knows the value in looking after her assets and is prepared to invest some capital in plant renewal. AKA a bit of gravity defying silicon in her rack. And knows the value of maintenance - keeping everything in top order with a exercise regime that requires considerable discipline.

More over, Lewis has taken the shame away for her job, she has helped give it a friendly face. She has turned prostitution into another suburban service like a dairy.

You go to the dairy to get milk. You go to Lisa to get milked.

Lewis also understands and uses marketing to great effect. She seizes every opportunity she can to promote her product.

Seriously though whats the difference in the way Lewis uses her assets as compared to someone like Nicky Watson or Charlotte Dawson?

We say that she is an admirable choice. So we salute Cactus for taking the initiative to nominate her and we salute Lisa for being a good nominee.


chica said...

I think Nicky Watson is incredibly trashy, and I wouldn't see her or Charlotte winning a businesswoman award.

Even though Lisa is a skilled marketer, I don't see her making the award's shortlist. While her profession is completely legal and I have no personal issue with it, it's still not a profession people want as a role model to young people.

Lisa does prostitution in the best way - i.e. not for $50 to spend on coke or P - which is admirable. She's clearly a professional. but I doubt this is the image the awards people are going to want.

But hey, I could be wrong. the free publicity about her nomination certainly won't hurt her.

Neil said...

Lisa Lewis is a better author than Nicky or Charlotte.

Cactus Kate said...


Nicky Watson has never run her own business, she's modelled and had a rich husband. Now she just goes out with blokes and pots around with horses.

Charlotte works for TV, technically does run herself but is still contracted to TV shows.

Of the 3, Lisa is the only one who truly runs her own business therefore could meet nomination criteria.

I went through the nomination criteria and Lisa meets all the requirements. Whether she makes the shortlist is another issue.

Annah Stretton sells clothes and Julie Christie produces trashy TV shows using people like Charlotte, Nicky and I guess Lisa.

You tell me that Lisa isn't a role model compared with this? As for social responsibility, a piss company is sponsoring the award.

Alcohol kills more people a year and does more social harm than prostitution.

Just saying...if ya want to talk "image".