Sunday, 1 November 2009


Our son and his girlfriends dog Zeus is a ugly big monster but a complete wuss.... and he dislikes Helen Clark.

However he came in mighty handy when there was a plague of trick and treaters turn up on their doorstep last night as tghey reported on Facebook.

Rude trick or treaters just bowled in to my house last night didnt even knock, just opened the door, but boy did they shit them selfs when our 60kg dog ran at them barking and chased them out the gate hahaha never seen someone leave the property so fast so left him on the deck so could have some more trick of treaters for the rest of the night peace at last!

Zeus can be rented out for a modest fee.....


Will de Cleene said...

Nice trick. That must be worth a few carbon credits.

CW said...

Good puppy. Maybe Zeus can have the biscuit Cactus has confiscated off Rodney