Sunday, 29 November 2009


We would not have believed it but Hone Harawira looked pretty contrite on TV tonight but the TVNZ Colman Brunton poll would indicate that most people have had enough of the grumpy radical from the far north. 61% of Maori thought what he said was racist and 69% of the general population saying he should leave parliament.

The poll seems to reflect the mood of the nation that we perceive. That the country wants builders not wreckers. It's time to get stuck in and sort shit, not whinge and moan. And its time for Maori and Pakeha to take personal responsibility for their lives. It is an underpinning tenet of both the National and Maori Party.

While we think that the road back to redemption wont be easy, Hone will be back. We hope he does some work and becomes part of a team, both the smaller team of the Maori Party and the larger team of Government.

We are still more aggrieved about his arrogant , owe me a living crap in Europe than the racist comments. He needs to apologise for that in a meaningful way let alone anything else. He should be, above all a roll model to his people. He is not.

More than anything he needs to do some stuff. We have heard much from Hone of the Hot Air of the north. What we really need to see, if he is allowed to come back is some action that will help turn the tide for Maori.

In short he needs to do stuff.

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