Thursday, 5 November 2009


Rodney, our old mate, has been a burk
but at least he said sorry.

Hone has been a prat and doesn't know how to say sorry.

Both need a smack.

Simple message to them both. No more slurping at the taxpayer trough.


Cactus Kate said...

At least Rodney showed up for the meetings he was expected to attend.

If Hone was working for a private company he would have been fired.

No such luck in the Maori Party, I suspect they are finding it all hilarious.

CW said...

Ummm, I think I can safely think they won't be finding it even a littlest bit humorous

CW said...


This was on Waatea News on Checkpoint tonight. Now, I understand that this was Tariana being interviewed interviewed by Titewhai on her show on Radio Waatea. Aue!

Marty Mars said...

The fact that hone was the leader of the delegation and he told his party he was unwell makes his error worse IMO.

Rodders is still in the gun and i'd expect more to come re his lack of respect for JK and cabinet (can hardly blame him there) and as the details of his travel rort get slipped to the media.

Hone outed himself and surely there isn't any more to come out - bloody hope so.

Both have let their respective sides down and it's hard work continually defending idiots, as I'm sure act and maori party supporters can attest :)

Luckily english's tv7 debarcle is hotting up and other members, from all parties, will continue to make fools of themselves and worse - fools of us.

K said...

About his emails...forget the Euro trip indiscretion. What's up with Hone aka 'chip-on-the-shoulder'? Missed taking his medication or what? If he was a teen there would be some stern talking but as an 'adult', he is close to unbelievable. Great role model..not.