Friday, 18 September 2009


We are in the Koru Club on the way back to Wellington after a productive and enjoyable week in Auckland.

Now we were a bit peckish so decided to have a scone and jam. We had a scone but whatever the red stuff was it wasnt jam. It was more akin to red glu with woody bits in it. the scones were good. the Jam spoilt them.

Thats all - we just wanted to whinge.

Update - I paid for my Koru Club membership - however I would be entitled to one due to the amount of travel I do, I understand.


gravedodger said...

How simply devastating for you
ps how are the expensive lambchops doing

PM of NZ said...

Now that you are working for the man, is the taxpayer funding membership in said club?

No whinging, just wondering...

MacDoctor said...

In case you were wondering, BB, it was red glue with woody bits in it. Most cheap strawberry jams use wood chips to simulate pips so that you think there is more strawberry in it than there is.