Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yee bloody hah! Finally some competition in the skies around the provinces. Pacific Blue is set to fly We have been gobsmacked by the cost of flights to Invercargill and Queenstown over the past year. It means we give all our spare cash to Air New Zealand instead of spending it in local shops. And the planes are pretty cool too -the Brazilian-built 104-seat Embraer 190 E-Jets.
While we love Air New Zealands on the ground service and the cabin crew are tops, they fall woefully short in getting bags off the plane and the snacks are crap.

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Anonymous said...

And hopefully we will see the resuming of flights from Rotorua to the gold Coast or Coolengata.
ANZ has abandoned anything south of Auckland the useless twats. Typical stupid Aucklanders in charge.
Should have dumped the buses way back and geared up properly with smarter planes.