Sunday, 17 May 2009


The Sunday papers are full of crap about Rankins quickie marriage to a bloke who's missus topped herself, the inference being that she was the scarlet woman. That has nothing to do with why we think she is a crap appointment.

The reasons she is a crap appointment are:

  • She is an intellectual pygmy
  • She likes to use the word I a lot.
  • She uses populist causes to promote herself.
She is just wrong.

update: We just saw the self centred cow on the Sunday programme. She did not do herself any favours. We also think that telling the truth is fundemental to integrity. To that end we are not convinced that she told the entire truth tonight and we expect her to be gone by the end of the week.


pdm said...

Maybe BB - but she has still got to be better than the woman who has resigned in protest and probably better than most of the other incumbent Commissioners.

Rob Hosking said...

I think Roar Prawn's point though is the standard should be a little higher than that.