Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Ethical Martini has a nice take on some reaction to the foggy world of infotainment, advertorial and down right payola in Australia. The Australian media has been put on notice after a court decision that defines news and spin. Under their Trade Practices Act, media organisations could face fines of $1million if they muddy the waters.
The Australian has the article Ethical Martini refers to on how their equivalent of Comcom - the ACCC has slapped a broadcaster over a deceptive story on a get rich quick scheme . Unlike our Comcom - the ACCC turns board room barons to jelly at the mere mention of the A triple C. Previous heads of the organisation have had serious threats after stoushes with corrupt business big wigs.

Todays media landscape in NZ is cluttered with advertorial, spin and advertising and commentary all masquerading as fact. Its a tough world for Joe Blow trying to get the good information to guide his life.

The question is do the New Zealand public want more regulation of the media environment?

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Anonymous said...

More regulation? How about sterner penalties for those times when advertisers and publishers get busted?