Friday, 15 May 2009


We were quite distressed to see one of the leading entrepreneurial families of Southland the Wensleys get smacked about by the credit crunch.

They have developed a string of properties in Queenstown and although most purchasers have signed unconditional agreements they aren't stumping up with the cash.

So the whole family is selling everything they have to pay off debts.

Thats Southland and Southlanders for you.

We salute the Wensleys for their integrity...

Which is in stark contrast to these two big swinging dicks
with no moral fibre and less integrity.


LAMBCUT said...

It’s just what I would have expected, having had business dealings involving members of the Wensley family in the past. They trade with their family name up front. You know who you are dealing with. There is no veil of corporate of anonymity with these good Southland people. I regret that they are currently experiencing a reverse, but, I hope they will trade their way out of it and expect that they will keep their good name in any event.

SD said...

LAMBCUT, consider yourself fortunate. You clearly haven't been burnt by Wensleys Developments (a) making false assertions about expected rental returns on their properties and/or (b) promising rental guarantees that they know they cannot keep (and haven't been keeping), in order to make a sale. Unless, that is, you are just a schill for Wensleys, in which case, shame on you.