Thursday, 14 May 2009


Yip- its true we all make mistakes. So Melissa Lee looks like a barmy chick cos she said something in the heat of the moment. Hands up all those who have never said a seriously dumb shit thing in their entire lives.

Thought so.

Personally -if we lived Mt Albert we would vote for Shearer - he is cute, likes guns and if elected will ensure the unions no longer define the Labour Party.

Now thats sexy.

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JC said...

Shearer has also worked for much of his career for the most PC organisation on Earth. That he's prospered in that environment is no recommendation.

Now tell me.. on the basis of radio, TV, Parliament and the papers.. who is the Labour candidate for Mt Albert? Is it Goof, Mallard, Hipkins, the EPMU or a Visitor From Hawkes Bay?
It sure ain't Shearer who is the most tightly controlled puppet in the Universe.

This is the entire Labour Party grimly and with some desperation fighting for its soul in its near strongest electorate, and Shearer is only collateral.. a UN show pony cut off at the knees to fit into the labyrinth of the Labour coal mine.