Thursday, 7 May 2009


We got this sent to us yesterday,and blogged on it earlier. The reaction from the Wellington City Council has been swift - they will investigate .. We will keep you posted.

The pic was taken yesterday in the Jarden Mile


This is an ADT company vehicle parked on ADT private property (not public road). The parking restrictions have been painted to prevent non-ADT people from parking here. Jon Visser Wellington City Council

What a load of crap.
The sign is painted on the side of the building that they occupy and is on their boundary. The purpose of it is to allow clear vehicle access to the tenants of 15 & 17 Jarden Mile. I believe that investigation will establish that the sign and the broken yellow lines were actually commissiond by the landlord of 15 Jarden Mile (The old vehicle testing station) or his property managers, Buchanan Property Limited, 04 495 3030 We, their neighbours have had ADT vehicles towed from the same place previously and they have paid the towage. We do it because we pay good money for our parking and expect unfettered access to it. We don't expect to have our access blocked by people who patrol our streets looking for victims to fine for minor parking infringements. Also who in their right mind would put up a "No parking" sign when they actually meant "Private property - non ADT vehicles will be towed" etc. One must however acknowledge a pretty good come back even if it doesn't stand the test.
From pissed off Jarden Mile resident.


Jon Visser said...

I'm happy to provide a property boundary plan that verifies this car is entirely parked on private property. How that property is managed is a private (not Council) matter.

Kind regards,

Jon Visser
Wellington City Council

Anonymous said...

Hey council dude.
Under most district plans property occupiers have to provide a certain number of carparks per square metre of use, depending on the particular use of the property. Do property owners have the right to restrict the use of those required parks to who they see fit, or are they supposed to be available to those reasonably meant to do business with the occupant (ie anyone)? Is this photographed "carpark" within the consented parking area, or does this property provide additional parks to its statutory requirement?

Jon Visser said...

Although the Council can, under the District Plan and RMA process, specify the quantity of off-street parking to be provided on private property (e.g. when it is being developed) the Council has no jurisdiction to enforce how that space is managed once it has been established. For example, someone could build a property with an off-road garage, then fill that garage with things other than cars and park their car on the street and Council would not be able to do anything about that (unless the car on the public road exceeds any parking restriction/Bylaw). The same principle applies here - any management of parking on private property (including allocation of spaces, enforcement and resolving disputes between tenants) is up to the private property owner to manage.