Monday, 4 May 2009


David Shearers CV is very impressive - he has fed a lot of poor people. Not like some VSA person though who does it for nothing, no - he is paid well for feeding a lot of poor people. And his CV is pervaded by a tone of self rightousness and pride. He did stuff - he did it all - he lead everything... We know that politicians need big egos and his CV has a fair stench of ego about it.

And what we want to know is what was his role in the restructuring of NZ Aid in 2002? Labour was so shocked at how lacking in accountability it had become in 2007 that it refocussed it again

And now Murray McCully has announced a serious refocus to ensure poor people do get fed and that we know how the money is being spent.

So is Mr Shearer as good as he is cracked up to be ?

More questions than answers.
David Shearer CV


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'd like to know how much money he made while 'working' at the UN. Is he another of Labour's rich pricks? How many nights per year while at the UN did he stay in five star hotels while he figured out how to feed a few poor people?

Russel Normal is quite right to describe this rooster as a 'grey man'. Opaque is more accurate. You can't rely on the media to shred him during a short campaign. They have only sufficient resources to shred NAtional and ACT party candidates.

Anonymous said...

At least he played footy and cricket at high school, unlike the other homos in the Labour caucus who would have had mummy wrirte sick notes during PE.
Other than that, yes, he is a lefty c***.

LAMBCUT said...

Is it that no-one will bonk you, poor sad nameless Anonymous? Did the big boys roger you at school? Is it the loneliness that makes you write so ignorantly and with such meanness of spirit?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post - Shearer obviously is another Labourite who has lived a life of 'blameless excellence'. What a tosser