Monday, 11 May 2009


We missed this story on TV3 on Saturday about the Brash emails and the impending release of the police file on the issue.

Brash reckons he wont every find out who stole them. Maybe he is right. However, what we want to know is why they were stolen and why the police investigation was so shoddy and what the hell the secrecy was all about. And TV3 have also mentioned the burglary of Diane Foreman's home. ( she was Brash's par amour) what was taken- was it really expensive stuff or just really interesting stuff?

So this week we wait with interest to see what the contents of the police file on the Brash emails contain.

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Anonymous said...

Despite playing dumb, senior members of the news media are well aware of the source of much of the leaked/stolen material. And TV3, in its editing and selective use of material for this clip, drops a very large hint to Dr Brash (and to all other interested parties). Watch the video again closely - it tells him exactly who he should be looking to for answers. Dr Brash should not give up hope yet - this story still has legs.