Friday, 1 May 2009


We were among some of the nations finest journalists and ex journalists and bloggers last night and we all wanted to know - Where is Allison Dine - the kindy teacher bonk of the Mr Asia drug ring big wig Terry Clark? Apparently its a very popular programme among old scribes.

What happened to the Panama of Tailor Street Blog that gave us such gems as this?

We reckoned that it was either a spook or someone from MFAT
who was a little bored.

Will we meet Barnsley Bill in Mongonui
this weekend?

And does it really only take a late night shared subway for a well known blogger to get into some young things frillies?

And does this mean that a cheap but successful date will now be known as a Subway?

And wasn't it kinda funny to see Gimli in person at the PJ O'Rourke gig?

And how come Matthew Hooton is way funnier since he stopped drinking ?

And how many Whale Oil Teeshirts does Whale Oil own?

Finally, why do so many Auckland men take their mistresses to Euro?


Barnsley Bill said...

A coffee in keri keri on the way through might be in order... email me with your plans. I will promise not to wear my whaleoil t-shirt.


I'd love to come too.
I'd be up for getting the wine out.

Whaleoil said...

BB beware of whining Yorkshiremen bearing gifts it is usually pink bubbles like homos drink and obtained on special for 3 bucks a bottle.

You could buy 40 bottles of his favourite tipple for the price of the one bottle we enjoyed yesterday.

Definately paint stripper


Ten bucks a bottle Whaley, and I'm not into the pink stuff unless its white shiraz from Banrock Station.
I have tired that sparkling shiraz from Oz and it is disgusting.
And who is the one full of whines and criticism these days?
Not me!
There's some pretty good vinyards in these parts too that are also well worth the visit.
The Karikari peninsular one I went to a few weeks back was a delight.
Of course, Markborough wines are the best and I paid homage to Wither Hills and Wairau Valley last week.

Whaleoil said...

Ten bucks a bottle!!! Who admits to buying whine for 10 bucks a bottle....even worse you admitted to buying pink stuff in the past!!!

I rest my case.

Oh and I'm not whining I am seething, bordering on the moment this is my constant setting.

Oh god the captch is "reaker" how does it know?

Cactus Kate said...

Euro - hmmm....because most of those male types have apartments on the Wharf, hence lunch to fuckpad time is approximately 2 minutes 2 seconds.....

Subway - an excellent idea to re-term.

Busted - I take it you behaved yourself? Unlike some of the VRWC boys I hear. We will have to credit them back some merits for all the demerits that we have been taking off them, for corrupting the girls of Auckland.


My current tipples are Thornbury Marlborough sauv blanc 2008, currently a tenner from New World, down from $20-$21.
Tomorrow, I will stock up on the Wolf Blass Yellow Label, currently $11 at New World, again, down from around $20.
Both are fine wines lovely to drink.

Cactus Kate said...

Drinking alone again Fairfacts?

Whaleoil said...

I don't think anyone with taste, decorum and savoir-faire could describe a $10-$20 bottle of wine as fine wine ever.

Fine wines usually start at around $50 and climb stratospherically the finer they go.

By constantly telling us you buy your whine at New World just proves the point everytime and shows that despite the best efforts of CK and me you seem to be unbelievably thick and not able to grasp the point. Fine Wine cannot be bought in a supermarket.

Next thing you'll be plumbing the depths and claiming McDonalds is a fine dining restaurant.


Not McDonalds, not Burger King, but Wendys! :)

Anonymous said...

Why do so many Auckland men have mistresses more to the point?

Cactus Kate said...

A mixture between being able to afford them and not having enough marital sex.

LAMBCUT said...

Strewth, have all of you any idea how appallingly self congratulatory you sound! Lambcut knows you all had a good old mutual jerk off in Dorkland, but enough already with the smug. Whale if you are that keen on the Magnificently Mammaried one, why isn't Roarprawn on your blog roll, and furthermore, if you are going to be ignorantly homophobic, Lambcut will have to presume you were sodomised frequently to detrimental effect as a small boy. Fairfacts, I suspect you will go anywhere for any drink of any and all doubtful quality. Cactus same same, but replace drink with bloke. Barnsley Bill if coffee is the most imaginative request you can come up with from the Prodigiously Prowed One, you are not worth commenting on.

Anyhow, I wasn’t invited.

Barnsley Bill said...

Lambcut, clearly you are not in the loop. Coffee is code for something else entirely. But of course you would know that if you had anything to be self congratulatory about.
wv: dogging
How does it know?

LAMBCUT said...

Hehe. Lambcut is definitely not in the loop Bill and will even have to phone BB to find out what "wv: dogging"