Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Not sure how many billables Cactus is pumping out but she sure as shit is writing some bloody good stuff. She puts most business reporters and commentators to shame. She should be picked up by the main stream media to add some pith into the bland NZ business reporting landscape. We are lucky to have Fran O'Sullivan, Brian Fallow, the stable at Trans Tasman who poke out some good stuff from time to time and we dont always agree with her but Jenni McManus is always a good read. Patrick Smellie is left of the totem pole as well but he still writes like a dream. And there is some great stuff coming out from NBR's online site as well. Rob Hosking being one. But thats pretty much where it ends. So read Cactus's latest barb pointed at NZX.

She is doing the country a favour. And we agree its time ComCom got off its arse and investigated the purchase of Countrywide rural publishing by NZX.

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Cactus Kate said...

It was a stay-at-home long weekend BB. Imagine what could be achieved if I didn't go out at night and get cactused?