Tuesday, 12 May 2009


All round the world the dead tree press are falling over or shifting quickly to a online formats as the primary source. We have already blogged on the phenomenon. We have it on good authority that one of the Sunday papers will be gone by Christmas.

Sad or the dawn of a new age of information?


oldgolfer said...

just one?

Anonymous said...

You said it in a previous post- Sunday Times, repeating stories with the same bi-lines from the Sunday Star Times, with the same reporter.

Wondered at the time if something was amiss, did not draw the conclusion until your post.

Thanks BB

oldgolfer said...

The SST has an obsession with house prices and mortgages -clearly someone on the team can't afford a house - and the SN is obsessed with sex and the lives of half-wit sports "stars". A winning formula, interspersed with Leftie twaddle? I think not.