Wednesday, 13 May 2009


We can understand why this govt wants to strengthen the Families Commission and on the face of it the appointment of Christine Rankin would appear to be a bold move by the government.

However as much as it saddens us to say so - it is a bad appointment. We are putting our party cheerleading pompoms down for a while.
Our concern over Rankins appointment has nothing to do with divorces or marriage or her controversial reign at the head of WINZ where her zeal to turn her staff into Amway sales clones was an unmitigated disaster.

No, for us, its simply because, when it comes to Rankin, anything she does is ultimately about her and she uses populist causes as vehicles for self promotion. She is the great New Zealand "I am."

Have a look at this interview with Mark Sainsbury and count up the number of times she says - I .

Or this interview

Not we, not us , not together, just - I.

See what we mean?

That's the reason we think her appointment is just bloody wrong.

And at the end of the bloody day there is probably no need for the Families Commission anyway. Scrap it and give it to some charities that do good works. There are plenty of them.

So here is the competition - find the article or interview of Rankin where she uses the word I the most. Then source the article in the comments section.

You have till 8pm tonight. A bottle of good pinot noir for the one who comes up with the biggest count.

Have fun.


Cactus Kate said...

Rankin is a superb appointment if your mission is to destroy the Families Commission completely.

She will do an excellent job.

So therefore in my view - the perfect candidate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm with Cactus on this one.


Me too.

Anonymous said...

More short men whose noses can't rise above cleavage level eh?
Heads down and go join Mark Preeble

LAMBCUT said...

I'm with Cactus and Mr F. The families commission doesn't appear to provide value for taxpayer dollars. Rankin the Wrecker can have it.

Sally said...

Christine Rankin will bring some much needed balance around the table.

Go for it Christine get this tax payer funded rort sorted!

John Tertullian and Contra Celsum said...

If you would permit me to opine, your criticism appears just a tad churlish. After all, Mz Rankin, in this case, is the issue. Moreover, to imply she represents a constituency ("we", "us") would be completely inappropriate.

bustedblonde said...

Hey John and contra - I cant abide by God Botherers. - Rankin is souless - thought you devout wankers, of all people, would sense that. She is of the onanistic idolitary sect.

Inventory2 said...

BB - what makes you label Rankin a "God botherer"? She's certainly not a Christian, and last I heard, she was a devotee of Buddha.

Personally, I reckon it's a great appointment, if it can piss off Peter Dunne and Sue Bradford in one fell swoop!

bustedblonde said...

not her Inventory! the contra celsum team.. they are the god botherers.