Monday, 4 May 2009


We are sitting in the Koru lounge in Auckland and we have to say that the food is absolute crap. Mass produced cheese cake, a sweet and sour thing and rice - that can only be described as a sweet and sour thing. The salads are dead, limp - well past rigor mortis, the bread rolls are stale and they have beetroot in some mayonnaise! What is that about. It is 6pm - no cheese and crackers. Now we paid $495 for our membership this year. But its not likely we will pay that again next year - the food has been getting progressively worse.. Will need to drink wine , lots of it to make up for the crap food.

To top matters off we are are constantly reminded of the recession - the lounge is about half full at peak hour. It is so slow that the woman who mans the coffee kiosk saw an empty coffee cup by me and asked if I would like another.I told her it wasnt mine, then she asked me if I would like a nice drink anyway. Service with a lovely smile, shame about the tucker.

And the is no decent eye candy - all the good looking bronzed gods who used to frequent the lounge have obviously gone to the wall.

However Wellington will get a big cash injection this week - the NZ Seafood conference is being held in the capital -
It is being opened by the PM , its been a few years since that happened. the industry is doing okay despite the rough seas of the international money markets. We are also please to see they are still holding the seafood debates. Take BB's word for it, they are famous for being unpc and very funny!


homepaddock said...

Sounds like the same menu we got in Auckland last Sunday - hope it wasn't the same food.

Kiwi Dirt Biker said...

The Auckland international lounge was no better food wise Saturday, but damn the LA biz class food was good, as in really really good & got to love an airline that leaves fruit lying around on a plane for fruit addicts like me.

Anonymous said...

BB, you are spot on! I had to sit in the god awful "regional" Koru lounge in our oil province surrounded by dirty dishes, empties (bottles and cracker packets) with half a glass of sav to share between three of us. The international energy workers amongst us had resorted to drinking the Steiny Lite! after going downstairs and asking if there was any more wine.Given the cost of flights to the 'Naki, and the crap flight schedules, our national carrier could put some effort into keeping their Gold Elite members a bit more lubed up! BO

wally said...

bloody right it's crap! and the wine standard has gone right down. air nz should fly over to KL and check out the air malaysia lounge and see how to do it properly.