Friday, 15 May 2009


Will the KY incident become political legend?
Which well known CE and Regulator has a deadwood list? And would it be grounds for a PG?

Is the Mixed grill at the Green Parrot the most calorific meal in the whole of New Zealand?

Did anyone else know about the 2 for 1 deal at Beaujolais?


Anonymous said...


So Weldon has a list of people at the NZX (and probably Country Wide Publications) that are burdensome or superfluous?! Alan Robb maybe?

Maybe Weldon should learn to be a little less arrogant, and a little bit more open minded, and realising he's not always right, thereby improving his leadership skills. What he might find is his staff relations might improve.

Anonymous said...

It might also stop the huge expensive associated with staff churn and recruitment costs!

Anonymous said...

He will self destruct like this type do.

Anonymous said...

I recall a few years ago the NBR reported that an NZX deadwood list was left sitting on the office printer - Classic!