Tuesday, 5 May 2009


We dined at our favourite Auckland restaurant last week with Whale and we were joined by a journalist and an commentator so it was rollicking, piss taking, information sharing, few hours.

Anyway to the food. Euro does good foo
d - it used to do sublime food but its gone back a bit. We started with bubbles - as you do. And then their bread and dips which were good. We had salt and pepper prawns and Whale had the melon and ham. For mains we had Peking Duck. The duck was little greasy for our tastes and the pancakes were on the Tony's Tyres side of tough. Now we have had the best Peking duck ever at a Melbourne restaurant called Flower Drum, which is without a doubt the best purveyor of Peking duck in the Down Unders. So the bar is set fairly high. Euro failed to come close to that memorable meal.

However, Whale had an interesting experience with his steak. He ordered the sirloin - blue.
As you do when you are a militant carnivore like whale. No- says the very chatty waitress, who proceeded to recommend that he get the filet steak as it was much nicer Blue. So he got the free upgrade. Whales had a big grin as the blue steak folded onto his fork, he chewed with his mouth closed and he didn't spill a drop of the Nicolas Feuillatte . He was obviously brought up good and proper. He and the commentator who also enjoyed his filet steak both devoured the blue cheese mash. BB didn't even get a teaspoon full to try.

Then came desserts, they are best described as chemical concoctions. Fascinating, complicated and exquisite. The boys ordered warm chocky pud and we ordered the line of chocolate. It was huge and extravagant and the boys whined that we got the best deal. We did . There were chocolate bubbles that exploded in your mouth, marshmallow with the texture of hokey pokey. It was an Alice in Wonderland plate of cocoa concoctions. Noice.

We liked the fact that the Euro lunch menu is called the Credit Crunch Lunch. Its not the four page bible of old but a concise list of neat treats.

So today we are off to Shed 5. Same company that owns Euro. We will have fish and bubbles.


Cactus Kate said...

I don't think those prices were any different to what I paid several months ago.

The duck is usually good - I get it as a main.

Anonymous said...


Cactus is right on many dishes. Looks like everything yumm or expensive in raw ingredients isn't actually on sale for lunch.

adamsmith1922 said...

Shed 5 not what it was in my view