Saturday, 9 May 2009


We had lunch at Shed Five late last week. It was interesting to compare it with its sister restaurant Euro. The maitre de at Shed Five is a lovely Basil Faulty wise cracking laugh a minute man who knows food and wine. We started with Southern Glory Oysters. They are huuugggee! They are Bluff oysters farmed in the sheltered waters of Big Glory in Paterson Inlet. We had a dozen between three of us.

Even BB, known for her ability to open throat beer faster than anyone she has been pitted against, could not swallow these buggers whole. They are stunning. We texted Cactus and I swear we could hear her scream of outrage across a couple of oceans. We matched the oysters with a lovely Yealands, Sauvignon Blanc. Then we had a flounder for main. It was simply the finest flounder I have ever had at any restaurant in NZ. I eat a lot of flounder, I buy it about once a fortnight so I reckon I am a bit of a connoisseur. It was in a light asian styled broth. We will endeavour to get the recipe.

We then asked for a stinky, hard and blue cheese board.. It was fantastic - all smelly and rich . We could go into the descriptions but you can find them on the menus here

And we have no relationship with Shed Five or the Nourish Group. We just like their food.