Wednesday, 18 August 2010


ACT is only in parliament because the National Party is happy for Rodney to continue as the MP for Epsom. When Key thinks that there is no longer a need for ACT , National could stand a decent candidate and ACT would disappear in a puff of smoke.

Heather Roy was never in danger of becoming a highly effective Minister.. She was more of a novelty and now she looks to have been involved in the release all the internal argy bargy of the party to the media. That shows that she doesn't have a scrap of loyalty either. She has to be linked in one way or another, to the documents " leaked" today. She has admitted they were a draft - they were her thoughts. It was an action that will damage not only Rodney but the party - she would be an absolute hypocrite to hang around in parliament.

Now there is no doubt that Act is a very blokey macho party but Roy has not got the spine to cope with the rough and tumble of the toughest game in town.

She has not a shred of credibility left.

Hide and ACT have no choice - she must go from the party.

Hopefully she will show one last bit of dignity and resign.

However the party cannot shy away from the fact that being too blokey is an issue. Its time the party cast around for some good women with spines of steel.. Sort of right wing Judith Collins types.

Where is Cactus???


Just my opinion said...

Yep, as I said yesterday - it would be clear if Heather was in it for herself or the party and less than 24 hours later we see the leaks emerge.

Anonymous said...

Tina, Hillary Calvert is next on the list. :)