Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Well we are buggered... We have been talking to Busted Blonde who has been talking to the team at Campbell Live on TV3 .. And apparently NBR have revealled that the reason her entry did not win the NBR competition is because it was too ahhh errr CRASS.

crass (kras)


  1. grossly stupid, dull, or obtuse
  2. tasteless, insensitive, and coarse
  3. money-grubbing; blatantly materialistic

Origin: L crassus, thick, gross, fat, akin to cratis: see crate

How odd is that? This is a competition that is designed to attract creative people who are lard arses so they can then consume their weight of bubbles - now that IS crass.

Busted Blonde is serious about her bubbles. She likes really good bubbles. And the competition looked to have an air of levity (apparently not) about it so her entry reflected what was a lightness of thought and a heaviness of derriere.

She is happy to take the piss out of herself so to speak. So here is her entry:

I weight heaaaps! So on the back of my successful 50th birthday in Wellington
where I fed 50 people on Lobster and Bluff Oysters, I would hold a " Just be
cause you can" kick arse picnic on a pontoon in Frank Kitts Lagoon. However,
everyone would have to dress up and pretend to be complete wankers - which
shouldnt be too hard!

So yip its a bit of fun, just like most of the occasions where you imbibe good bubbles. It was to be a party on a pontoon where people could have a bloody big laugh at a bunch of people taking the piss - not out of the bubbles - no - out of themsleves. People who are happy in their own skin and who are happy to make fools of themselves for charity. A bit like people dressing up in masks for a mask ball ... or dressing up as silly animals and clowns for a kids charity..Or the Stars that race around the country in funny old cars for Starship - being complete dicks.

So we were going to dress up and act like Patsy and Edwina from Ab fab - all sweety sweety dahling dahling.

And over 1000 people thought that was a bloody good idea and would be a good charity fundraiser.

And the competition was geared towards getting votes.

So the only ones who are really CRASS are NBR and their poncy little marketing and PR people who take life and " brand" reputation far too seriously

So from today on Roarprawn will adhere to a new principle for guaranteed good times the ABC prinicple - Anything But Clicquot.

And for all those who have suggested that they would pay good money to charity to have the thick end of the magnum of bubbles, (that NBR have offered BustedBlonde to keep her quiet) inserted up Barry Colemans bottom - forget it - he is too much of a tight arse...

NOTE: we understand that Bustedblonde will put in an appearance on Campbell Live on TV3 tonight...


Anonymous said...

Understand why the NBR rejected BB's entry. It is grass vv grass. Interesting that BB,who claims to have a background in PR, should have provided such a silly entry.
Voted for her-but should have checked the entry blurb- did anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I am pleased for BB and her champagne success - but it's hard to argue with NBR on this one...