Tuesday, 31 August 2010


If a journalist would like a very interesting picture they should photograph DOC poisoning Brown Trout in a Wellington stream to give native species a chance to thrive. While we applaud the goal, Rotenone is an interesting toxin.

Fish can die in a frenzy. We have seen a video of carp eradication where those eradicating the fish nearly got clobbered by the big brutes as they literally flew from the water in attempt to escape the effects of the poison. Its like tipping acid into the water. Ugly but super effective.


Anonymous said...

That is fucking disgusting.
Where are the animal welfare people?
Oh yeah , it's being done for the natives.

Fuck you and your native this and that.

This is an example of the ugly behaviour that is becoming the norm in NZ today.

Oh by the way, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is appalling, 'native' fish are shit anyway, that's why Trout were introduced in the first place. I am sure all the wealthy fishing tourists will be queueing up to fish for crappy little native fish (NOT)