Friday, 27 August 2010


There is a new restaurant in town and is a good un. Capri is so new that it has yet to get a website and its phone number is a bit hard to find but it had a full house for lunch today which shows the power of word of mouth in the Windy City.

Its sited in Featherston Street opposite D4 on the site of one of our old favourites Copita.

The ironic thing is that the outside awning is sponsored by Veuve Clicquot and it is the signature house bubbles - So up until yesterday we had been avoiding the place.. However today was good.

The decor is stunning - girly, a bit mad, a lot sophisticated and very tasteful.

The chef is Simon who has come over from the well established and well regarded St Johns.

The owner is Andy who was the man about the house at Dockside a few years back.

We decided to try a selection of small plates and we were not disappointed. The tastings are a good size for 2 people to share. So we had sticky ribs. They were sticky melty and divine..
The Blondini ordered up the duck parfait and the salmon tartare.. They were better than the ribs, the parfait was incredibly rich and smooth. The salmon tartare came with croutons, capers and shredded egg.

The final of the quads was a lovely little chicken and porcini croquettes. Perhaps they could have done with a smidgen more porcini. To accompany the meal we ordered a Mt Beautiful Pinot Gris from Nth Canterbury.. It was light and with the range of dishes on offer , not obtrusive. It was off dry, smooth with a hint of pear.

Blondini had a lovely light unoaked chardonnay.. Astrolabe and she declared it very fine indeed.

We finished off lunch sharing a rhubarb and strawberry crumble.. It was huge.. and exquisitely fresh..

The service was also fantastic.

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alex Masterley said...

I'll be making a rare trip to the Windy City next month so you given me a steer on where to do lunch.