Thursday, 12 August 2010


OK guys and girls we need to pick up the pace. Busted Blonde is in the lead in the NBR competition to win her weight in Veuve Clicquot. But Joe and others are starting to catch up so she needs you to go to the link and press the thumbs up. She knows how to party and she has assured us the event will benefit a good charity. So please give the big old heifer a hand. And we must say that Busted is a bit like the old widow Cliquot to look at as well.

and send this link to you mates as well.

This is a team effort from the Blogosphere. Whale Oil, Kiwi Blog and Cactus have all lent the big old bag their support. Thanks guys....

Kind regards The Brunette.

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FijiDave said...

I went to the site to give a thumbs up, and bloody near didn't..

I weight heaaaps! So on the back of my successful 50th birthday in Wellington where I fed 50 people on Lobster and Bluff Oysters, I would hold a " Just be cause you can" kick arse picnic on a pontoon in Frank Kitts Lagoon. However, everyone would have to dress up and pretend to be complete wankers - which shouldnt be too hard!

Since when is 'weigh' spelt 'weight'? The 't' is silent as in 'Harlot'!

Anyway, I gave her a thumbs up because her lot, like me, are fishermen.

Good luck!