Tuesday, 3 August 2010


That Hone Harawira fella has a way of pissing people off and today he really riled us up with his silly bloody racist comment about miscegenation. He don't want his brown kids to mix it up with white kids.

He thinks its the way that many people think. Well thats just wrong.

Funny our dad never had a problem with us bringing home anyone with a touch of the tar brush but he had a huge issue with us bringing home a Nga Puhi.. Hated them with a vengance. When you see the mindless prejudice displayed by Hone , dads fears had some foundation. Some of them are a bit different and not in a good way.

Funnily enough, my scottish protestant grandfather, whom I shadowed most of my life, refused to talk to me for weeks whenI told him I was going out with a Catholic McDonald.

" No good will come of that," he said. His was a deep seated religous prejudice.

He was wrong . The McDonald was a good un .

Racism and prejudice of the sort displayed by Hone is best left for the history books.

Hone is definitely yesterdays man.



I agree about about Nga Puhi.
With my Maori ex, I tended to find the Ngati Porou side of the whanau much better people.

kehua said...

You and I may well think this is wrong, unfortunately what Hone says is right, if you doubt what I write try speaking about this subject to any Indian, Palestinian, Jew, Scientoligist, Exclusive Brethron, Roman Catholic. Serbian,Croatian.........

Goatcabin said...

I thought 'race' was just a 'social construct'?

adamsmith1922 said...

Hone is a despicable racist and anywhere else would be prosecuted for fomentint racial hatred, but in NZ as he claims to be Maori he gets away with promoting racial hatred and is allowed to be an MP. Even worse is Sharples and Turia for tolerating this nasty and unpleasant person. In fact their tolerance reveals heaps about them and their real views.

Hitler would be proud of Hone