Thursday, 19 August 2010


ACT is toast.. We said yesterday that ACT was in parliament only at Nationals favour and it seems that that Key has had enough of the silly buggers and their appalling infighting.

The guillotine blade has been dropped by Key. Thats it. The partnership is over.He has signalled they will be standing a National candidate in Epsom. A good one.

Sad really we think ACT was important to give economic policy a little more of a lean to the right.

Sadly when all the details finally come out - we are confident that it will be revealed that this is all the fault of an egotistical political advisor and a desire for some utu.


Anonymous said...

Do nutters seek utu? Thought that was for warriors....

Anonymous said...

Oh Come on. You didn't bother to read this did you?

"National will put up a candidate for the Epsom seat, just as we did in the 2008 election.

Worth Mk2.

The Nats are going to try to behead ACT the same way Labour will try to behead Greens or Winne. In other words they're not. If ACT self-destructs, well that's different, but National would much prefer a small-ish ACT party than to flush 2-3% to the Libz or other Christians.

ACT really just needs to get its sh*t together. Getting rid of the lefts, communist-school-supporting Roy is a good first move. Now it can build on Hide-Boscowen-Garret - and work like the Greens.

Pick a bottom line: No taxes increases on the "Rich" - i.e. people paying more than 70,000 - in the top tax bracket. Not "we will keep our tounges right up Key's ares". But No tax increases on the rich

So ACT votes for tax cuts but against the GST rise because people have to pay it.
ACT votes for at flat 30% tax from the first dollar - but never to raise the top rate!

Then everyone knows what ACT will do and how they'll do it.

Finally Hide can stop being such a wimp: Of course ACT are the Nasty Party - That's why we vote for 'em. We want them to be nasty to bennies, nasty to bludgers, nasty to sivil cercunts, nasty to whingers, nasty to Iwi, nasty to all the unproductive SCUM.

That's what'll get them over the line. Not fucking cuddling up to special education,