Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Sheer unadulterated advertising genius... Advert for second hand BMW cars.....


Anonymous said...

Not very honest pic, though, is it? Second hand beemers are like well used chain smoking 21 year olds, with muddy make-up that can't hide the premature wrinkles. You can't even get them serviced for less than $1500. A first generation Mustang Cougar has to be better than that.

motella said...

I'm sick of politically correct car companies that are pushing their social responsibility.

Most sane people wouldn't be seen dead in a Toyota Prius.

What folk REALLY want to know is: how big is the car's engine, how fast will it go, will it slide around corners, how wide are the tyres and will it blow the doors off the neighbor's car. And most importantly, will purchasing a certain car increase their sex appeal?

BMW are one of the few car companies that realise that most people purchase a car as a sex aid.