Wednesday, 4 August 2010


We wish it wasn't so but the food at Dockside is not the best. And its very pricy. We only had time to stay for an entree earlier this week and on reflection we are glad that we didn't have time to assault out tastebuds with an equally substandard main.

Our dish was a hotpotch of tastes, the texture was of surimi flavoured cardboard.

Chicken, Chorizo & Crayfish Terrine cauliflower cream, smoked almonds, Manchego, watercress & quince salad ...$25

It sounded interesting but the fact of the matter is we should have seen the culinary disaster coming - waaay too much going on here. And the crayfish must have been but a passing traveller.. At 25 dollars - with no bread - just a smudge of wet slimy caulifower puree and a very odd salad - it was about $5 a mouthful.

A bit much to swallow really.

Sad, because yesterday was one of those outstanding Wellington days, balmy, soft blue sky, that harbour glow thing going down, faces a gentle pink in solar appreciation, and the water greenstone clean after a storm.

The beer was cold, the waitresses good and the company outstanding. But we would really like Dockside to get the food sorted.

Its not an Icon any more - just a con.

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Anonymous said...

You really deserve all you get if you order something described thus. That's not a dish, it's a schizophrenic group of foodstuffs that should never be allowed near each other. Shoot the "chef" I'd say