Thursday, 26 August 2010


So Heather Roy thinks that her mandate lies in the fact that 86 thousand people voted for ACT and she was high on the list so that means they voted for her.. That is a leap over the bridge of wild fancy. She is high on the list because the party put her there and the caucus and the party took away her deputy leadership.So the 86,000 people who voted for ACT did not vote for her. They voted for a party the believes in personal freedom and economic strength.
All this overt posturing that she and Rodney have put all the mucky crap behind them is disingenuous at best and a lie at worst.

She is only coming back to challenge Rodney again, her continued reinforcement of the contents of the 82 page dossier for caucus is a clear sign that there is still "trouble at mill."

Roy and Chris Carter share the same erroneous self belief. That they are really really good and that people really really want them and that they other guy ( Goff, Hide) are the really really bad guys. To the both of them loyalty counts for nothing. They both put themselves above the the parties they are part of. They are the worst type of politician - venal, narcissistic, holier than thou, and with a bent radar for public opinion.

They will also dine on the plates of adoration served up by waiting sycophants. That will continue to feed their bloated egos..

And if you want to see portals to inner madness that is fuelled by narcissism... look at the eyes of both...

We just wish that both would go away. Their time is done.


Anonymous said...

Brunette - be very clear. Roy never challenged for the leadership. She challenged the leader to come back to core Act principles.

For that she has been vilified by a misled and incompetent media. Heather is one of the few people with a backbone to stand up for her party's principles and I applaud her courage.


euminedes said...

what a load of crap paranormal - by coming back she is challenging rodneys leadership. He didnt know she was coming and she is not resiling from her comments in the dossier. Her move is about her - not the party.

Anonymous said...

Not at all. Rodney does have crap all over his face by trying to force her out through the media, but that is of his own doing.

Act is run by the board, not the leader. Not PC has the closest summary of what is actually going on I have read on the blogosphere so far.

Heather has been working for the party's best interests. It may not appear that way from all the misdirected media - such as yourself. Again good on Heather for keeping her cool in the face of the media onslaught.


Anonymous said...

I like Heather Roy and admire her for standing up to "perk-buster" Rodney. He makes me sick with his arrogant behaviour.