Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Yes it looks that way.. Abbott must be able to scent victory.. We can't see there is any way the independents will back Gillard now, however they will extract some blood from the Coalition as they stitch together a government. Rural Aussie will be the winner.


Anonymous said...

Duh. Yes, that's been obvious every since last Sunday... Even the ABC (Australian Branch of Communism) has been calling the result for the centre-left Abbott (rather than the hardcore-left Labour/Green communists) for the last week...

Abbott has 600,000 more primary votes

Abbott has the Most Seats

Abbott has the Two Party Preferred Votes

Abbott has the Swing now up to 3%.

And - as a Labor cabinet minister said about the ex-National party independents:

"How could they go back to their electorates every weekend and be confronted with constituents calling them "pinko bastards"?"


It's clear Abbott will be PM in a couple of days at most. That's not the great news - the great news is what Abbott will do for Australia! Good for Aussie - but bad for NZ. Sorry Mr Key, but Abbotts policies will only increase Aussie's lead over NZ - and make it harder for bludging Kiwis to hop across the ditch.

Anonymous said...

It's also a good lesson for Key and National in that popular govts and PM's can become unpopular very quickly, such as over night. National are just too complacent, and Key has changed next to nothing. Good on Abbott, Australia is always luckier than NZ.