Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Its a sad thing to see - an inflated ego... but everytime we see Heather Roy all we see is ego.. She tried to stage a coup - she lost. She is of no use to anyone - ( well maybe Simon Ewing Jarvie does...)

She seems to think that because Defence Minister Wayne Mapp wrote her a lovely letter that she must be really good at her job. Wayne Mapp maybe a bit on the stodgy side but he is an utter, utter gentleman.. A truly lovely cuddly bear of a bloke. And of course he wrote her a lovely note -because he probably thought the silly bint wasn't coming back! It would have been in style of a reference letter for future employment post parliament.

But no - she thinks its because she was really good. Reality and her are truly divorced.

Time to make way for someone else - Disloyalty can never be forgotten nor forgiven.

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Anonymous said...

She looks evil in that photo