Wednesday, 4 August 2010


We think so.

The country is all agog after it was revealed that Pam Corkery was considering doing a reality TV programme on creating a brothel for women .

We are neither surprised nor dismayed by the idea.

Firstly, we need to look at the changing landscape of sexual politics. Its warped due to the intense societal shifts we are seeing. Like the fact that childless couples, rather than families are becoming the biggest cohort in our communities.

And we are becoming serial monogamists - Partners yes but often of short to medium term ( ten years.)

And while sexual interaction once required us to actually meet and engage with people we are now able to indulge in sexual activity without touching or even talking to someone.

Online is where it is at.
And there is a hell of a lot of people at it.

We chat, we "date" and with skype and other video conferencing we can actually indulge in sexual play without an exchange of body fluids.

We have done a bit of a squizz around the net and everyone, this may come as a surprise , but there is a huge change in the way that pornography is now working on the net.

Once it wasn't free. With online porn it used to be pay as you go.. Or maybe Pay, Come and Go.

Now there is an astounding array of free video porn for the masses. Hours and hours of it on a huge list of sites. Popular catagories, amateur, bondage, lesbian, mature, MILF, soft, hardcore, women, and then you can sub catagorise - so blonde buxom older woman. . Its a sextrix that caters to every fantasy every taste.

Often its in low resolution, often very amateurish but some of it is high quality and some of it is obviously illegal. Girls and boys who are far too young.

Attached to the free video porn sites are the chat and interaction sites that make the porn merchants the money. After the videos wear thin the users can tap into what is a peep show.
You can take a look see first before you commit to an interactive session with a real person.
Its a virtual red light district. And you pay for the one on one or one on many - whatever your fancy.

But still no relationship.In a purely physical sense, sure needs will be met. And its very safe.

However, we are still a tactile species and the need for intimacy and touch is still strong.
So what about the online dating sites?

They are cheap. You start linking up, then you can organise to meet up and that when things can go seriously wrong. There have been murders and rapes and I suspect many women and indeed a few men have had some very bad experiences they would be too embarrassed to take to the authorities because there is still a stigma attached to online dating.

Now one cannot discount the danger of the zipless fuck - the hook up in a dark bar, the frantic mating and the hurried exit in the early hours. But normally there are others who know you are with someone. Its not totally anonymous.

So the idea of a discrete service for women who want sex with no ties but with a degree of safety is a good one. And women now have a new sexual freedom in our changing society.

The cougar phenomenon is a reality. There is a lot of alpha pussy of many ages out there. Sit them down and they will tell you that they would not discount paying for sex. It has value like good shoes, handbags, facials, manicures, champagne, cars.

But like Cactus says, its going to have to be quality. No pile drivers. No two minute tossers.

Nope. What the power pussies will want and demand - is quality. Someone who is carefully skilled in the art of pleasure. Not his. Theirs.

We reckon its an idea whose time has very simply - come.

On and in case you are wondering - we didn't go blind researching for this blog. True.

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B.S. said...

Have a feeling that this won't work.

Brothels are factories for the legalized repetition and perpetuation of sexual abuse of both men & women. The idea will be tantalizing to many women but the experience will leave them feeling deflated and cheap.

I can see a feminist argument that it would give women choice and control over their sexual expression. I think that the reality will be far less healthy.