Monday, 16 August 2010


Why is that every wannabe and has been seeks  redemption on the public stage?

Latest actor with a cameo is Pam Corkery. Seems  latterly she has had her head stuck in a bottle instead of up her arse as she did when she was in parliament.

So now she wants to be the latest evangelist for overcoming an addiction...

What - ever.....

There is no great feat in a person who has a good job, status, money and mates overcoming adversity.

Desperation for public validation is not a source of inspiration

Conversely the person with no advantages who overcomes addictions or for that matter any shit the world chucks at them who then goes on  to become a great citizen - is in our books something  to be seriously admired.

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kehua said...

All class, once a drunk and now a whores parasite.