Sunday, 15 August 2010


So what to make of the Laws - Sperling relationship this morning.. Seems it was a private matter that some of Laws enemies tried to make public..

All a bit "so what" really. And it had its genesis on Facebook. Shows the power and the pain of that new conversation medium .

There is one curious aspect of this though.. There is more than a passing resemblance between the former Mrs Laws Leonie Brookhammer and Jackie Sperling.

Jackie has a statement on her blog which is here and we will put up in full.

Personal statement from Jacqueline Sperling

I am writing this statement to outline the circumstances behind the stories of the past 24 hours relating to my relationship with Michael Laws.

I can confirm that Michael and I met twice as a result of a non romantic discussion upon drug prohibition and addict treatment. I had a unique perspective given a past addiction and my subsequent recovery. I have been very open about the depredations that P addiction causes, and the need to affirm each day as a path to a clean and contributory life.

Neither of us expected to establish the brief relationship we did.

Obviously I took an interest in Michael’s career and entered numerous Facebook discussions relating to his activities.

As a consequence I was introduced to a group of people who loathed Michael and were quite happy to criticise him at every opportunity. Naturally, I defended him on occasion.

As a result, certain people contacted me with information relating to Michael’s private life. This information suggested that Michael had not been completely honest with me. Such was the volume of information, I came to believe some of it and ended all association with him.

I have since discovered that most of this information is false and clearly had malicious intent.

I actually repeated some of these rumours on my Facebook page out of anger. I did not properly appreciate that a Facebook posting is essentially a public posting, rather than just to the friends you are intending to send the message to.

It was lifted from my FB page by certain people and given a twist to directly criticise Michael and some other innocent people. I apologise for providing that opportunity.

As I understand some people reinterpreted what I wrote to suggest some future revenge on my part – the release of private text and e-mails between Michael and myself. I have now examined them and there is nothing particularly salacious in the texts I still have. Yes, some were intimate but they don’t really qualify as “sex-texts”.

I want to make it plain that I have never, and will never, release private correspondence with anyone into the public arena.

As far as I am concerned, this issue is now over although I understand that legal action is being considered by another party.

I will not be making any further comment than is contained in this statement.

Saturday 14 August 2010


Keeping Stock said...

Thanks for putting me off my breakfast!

kehua said...

Do we really care, does it really matter? Laws has only reinforced what most people knew anyway. He is just another flaky ex local body politicion who was forever involving himself in other peoples business whilst literally fucking up his own.

Jacqueline said...

Oh i like this blog so much more than the one that said that Laws and I looked alike!

Leo is stunning. I will never have a bod like that though...who could be bothered? I love my food too much, and pride myself on the fact that i have not stepped foot in a gym since 1996.

Enjoy your blog. It's a bit of a laugh