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This is the latest from Jackie Sperling on Facebook. It seems that Laws has seriously stuffed up...

Jacqueline Sperling I have tonight, received an apology from Michael for thinking that i had leaked anything to any media organisation. He was told by someone that i had.

The HOS story, will be interesting...if there even is one.
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  • Jacqueline Sperling
    And yes Melanie...i had temporarily lost my marbles. No offence at all taken to your comments. They make perfect sense to me.

    No matter what my feelings are regarding the man now, i will never share private conversations with the media.

    t is not the example that i want to set for my daughters, and that is my only priority in life right now...

    I wish him well.
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  • Jacqueline Sperling
    LOL Erika...i had a good old bawling my eyes out session earlier tonight then i thought...stuff this, i am going to make a joke of it...changed my status to "no more paparazzi please" and put the paparrazzi photo on my profile.

    Ahhh if only
    i looked like Dita Von tise or whatever her name is!
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    Jacqueline Sperling
    I think people...we may get to hear our first public apology from the man himself today! I am very grateful to him right now, that he has admitted that i do not deserve this and is going to clear my name, as much as it can be cleared.

    He d't have to do that for me. He has gone to great lengths overnight / this morning to fix this. He could just ignore how this is affecting mine and my children's life...but he isn't.

    I have respect for him again now...and i think others should too. Him and i have both been victims of a smear campaign against him. Wanganui politics are nasty.
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    Jacqueline Sperling
    Thank you Wayne. I am being strong and i don't worry about labels. Labels are for the ignorant. I have never and will never have secrets in my life. I am very open about my past. I am proud of the changes that i have made to my life, and rather than living in shame, i would prefer to be outspoken about my mistakes and be proof that we can be the change that we want to see in our lives...and in the world.

    The day i left that world...i promised myself i would never do shame again. People who judge or label, better pray that they never find themselves in a situation like the one that i was in that led to the terrible choices that i made.

    I would rather be an example for anyone who is stuck in that kind of lifestyle right now...that it IS possible to get out, and change your life, and be happy again. There is such thing as HOPELESS.

    Had i seen an example of someone like myself who had successfully recovered from a place that low...while i was down there...i may have made the effort to change earlier. For so long i felt like i was too far gone down a dark road to ever get back to normal..and i want to send a message to people that there is ALWAYS a U TURN option.

    It was a conversation like this one, that led to Michael and i meeting in the first place...nothing more.

    Erika...i am going to use my 15 minutes wisely and try to spread the message of hope for anyone that is addicted to methamphetamine or stuck in that kind of lifestyle...

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    Jacqueline Sperling
    People do not realise just how insidious methamphetamine is and how it is destroying so many lives here in NZ...if you don't think that it could ever touch your life...then you are foolish.

    It is literally everywhere...and people that you w
    ould not even believe are addicted to it. Teachers, doctors, laywers, housewives...the local business owner who's wife has no idea. It is everywhere.
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